Self-acceptance, healing, love.
This cohesion extends to pursuits of the heart as well, as turquoise is believed to combine female and male energies together as one.
Turquoise is considered a stone of healing. It has a powerfully encouraging energy prompting you toward self-forgiveness and self-acceptance. Which in turn, lovingly gives way to HEALING.

If you’re feeling tired, depressed, or anxious, Turquoise is your sovereign stone. It offers a compassionate vibration that enhances the physical immune system, and activates spiritual attunement. It encourages the release of regret and worry, and helps shift our focus to wholeness and truth. It can also ward off panic attacks and stabilize your mood. Turquoise is really a caring stone, and it supports you on your journey to self-care. Self-care is vital. It’s our way of acknowledging that we’re worth feeling good.

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