Why Gems are magic?

Natural gems are not only very beautiful...

  • Malachite

    Malachite Element Earth One of the most ancient stones ever used in jewellery and ornaments. Malachite mines were developed in Egypt around 4000 B.C. It was used to prepare cosmetic and eye ointments. In Ancient Egypt Malachite was devoted to goddess Hathor – the goddess of beginning and continuation of life. That is why Malachite […]

    13 May 2018
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  • Amber

    Amber Element Fire According to a legend cited by Ovidius in “Metamorphoses”, Amber gems are the stark tears of daughters of the God of Sun, in mourning for their brother Phaeton. Phaeton wanted to race on the sky in a chariot of their father, harnessed by winged fire-spitting horses. He could not handle them, and […]

    13 May 2018
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  • Nephrite

    Nephrite Element Earth Nephrite is the ancestor of all minerals, the basic stone of old Chinese medicine. Nephrite is a mineral of either light grey or yellow, light-green, dark green, blue and black color. Since old days it was considered a stone of Gods. The translucent Nephrite of white color is highly valued: it has […]

    13 May 2018
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  • Turquoise

    Turquoise Element Earth According to Persian legend, turquoise is made of bones of those who died of unhappy love. It is a stone of happiness. Turquoise may be young (whiteish), mature (blue) and old (green). In the regions with high level of pollution Turquoise very quickly becomes old changing the color to green. According to […]

    13 May 2018
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  • Topaz

    Topaz Element Air Topaz is a symbol of prudence and foresight, friendship and love, honesty and fidelity, tenderness and purity. Topaz stones can be found in a wide range of colors including red, orange, peach, pink, gold, yellow, brown and clear. The most valuable are red-violet and red-orange Topazes. Talismans & amulets As a talisman, […]

    13 May 2018
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